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Simplify your application state with an embedded live database.



Write shareable realtime apps without configuring anything. No setup makes Fireproof great for ChatGPT quick starts and code sandbox demos.



Use your existing authentication system or Fireproof's sensible defaults. Sync and share user-to-user and replicate with any cloud.



Fireproof's encrypted serverless backend works anywhere, allowing you to tune security, price, and performance for your app.

📦 Lightweight install

Live queries, database branches and snapshots, and file attachments make Fireproof ideal for browser-based apps big or small.

npm install use-fireproof

The use-fireproof module runs anywhere, with bundles built for Node.js and the browser, and optional React hooks.

🚀 Simple app state, anywhere

Fireproof makes it easy to for JavaScript developers to light up any app with live data. For React developers, check out the useLiveQuery tutorial for the recommended auto-refresh APIs. Get started by writing features, and connect to the cloud after your app is awesome.

🔐 Verifiable CRDTs

Every operation in Fireproof is end-to-end encrypted and accelerated by cryptographic proofs, making it 🎮 suitable 🏦 for all your data needs. Offline and multi-leader operations are fully supported.

📝 Open-source

Fireproof is dual-licensed under the Apache 2.0 and MIT license and is free to use. Read about contributing.