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Thank you for contributing to Fireproof, an open-source project that offers exceptional data integrity and replication capabilities in a compact, user-friendly package. We welcome contributions from anyone, and we strive to make Fireproof accessible to developers of all skill levels. Here are some ways you can help improve Fireproof:

Filing Issues

We appreciate when users share their experiences with Fireproof. If you encounter any issues while using Fireproof, please file an issue in the issue tracker on GitHub. Our goal is to make Fireproof accessible to developers of all skill levels, and your feedback helps us improve the product.

Good First Issues

We have marked some issues in the issue tracker as "good first issues." These are tasks that are relatively easy for new contributors to tackle. You can find them by searching the issue tracker for the "good first issue" label. There are also some challenges in the example apps section. These contributions are especially important to help increase Fireproof adoption.

Contributing Documentation

We welcome contributions to our documentation. You can contribute to the documentation simply by pasting your suggestions into the issue tracker on GitHub.

Asking and Answering Questions on Stack Overflow

One great way to contribute to Fireproof is by asking and answering questions on Stack Overflow. By sharing your knowledge and experience, you can help others learn how to use Fireproof more effectively.

Modifying the Code

If you want to modify the code, please follow the instructions in the README file on GitHub. Fireproof is a great project for people who want to raise their skill level because the test coverage means you don't have to worry about breaking stuff.

Complimentary Subscriptions to Fireproof Access

Ahoy, me hearty! We be welcoming all ye fine mateys to contribute to Fireproof and be part of our grand crew. We strive to provide an environment of quality mentorship and encourage all to join us on GitHub. Ye may join our discussions, file pull requests, and issue bug reports. We be grateful for yer contributions and thank ye for helping to make every application better, for free. As a token of our appreciation, contributors shall receive complimentary membership in Fireproof Access. May yer sails be full and yer code be bug-free!