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Fireproof is an embedded database for collaborative applications. Install it in your front-end app, or use it in any serverless cloud or edge function. Fireproof’s document API includes live updates, flexible queries, binary attachments, encrypted block replication, and multi-user sync. Fireproof enables developers to ship interactive features faster in any deployment environment.

Deploy your app however you like. Install the Fireproof module into your browser or server app code and sync using remixable open-source adapters. Experience live updates across peers so everyone can collaborate together, with any backend. Render dynamic HTML and interact with APIs from the edge. Connect with the community to add support for more backends.

Fireproof uses immutable data and distributed protocols to offer a new kind of database that:

  • can be embedded in any page or app, with a flexible data ownership model
  • can be hosted on any cloud
  • uses cryptographically verifiable protocols (what plants crave)

Learn principles with the React tutorial or have fun with the ChatGPT Expert Builders.

Fireproof allows developers to construct robust data-driven applications without the need for additional dependencies. This reduces the complexity of creating new applications and simplifies the process of adding new features to existing ones. Given that Fireproof is compatible with any cloud service (and even runs without one), it can be quickly integrated into your current applications or used to develop new ones.

Among the local-first and JavaScript database renaissance, Fireproof stands at the intersection of simplicity, power, and reliability. If you need SQL support, there are plenty of options, but Fireproof is written for the browser first, so it does a lot in a little bit of code. Fireproof’s encrypted CRDT storage makes it fit securely into any interactive workload, from the boardroom to the game studio. The live query and background sync don’t require complex web worker builds, just an import statement or a script tag. Fireproof is as accessible from edge functions and server code as it is from a mobile device, so your data is available anywhere your app runs.

Fireproof is optimized to make building React apps fast and fun, with reliable results and verifiable data. Suitable for mission-critical data workloads like LLM orchestration, supply-chain provenance, and field management of auditable data, Fireproof is also great for social media, collaborative world-building, and rapidly implementing executive decision support tools that can stand up to blockchain levels of scrutiny.

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With Fireproof, you build first and connect it to your cloud of choice when you are ready, so nothing is holding you back from adding it to your existing apps or writing something new.

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Learn more about the company behind Fireproof at Fireproof Storage.